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The Best Way To Get Rid Of Ants In West Palm Beach Homes

September 30, 2021 - Ants

Ants are some of the most frequent home-invading pests in West Palm Beach, Florida, and you might have guessed this already as ants can seem to show up almost anywhere. They can be found inside kitchens looking for food to take to their nests or seen crawling around outside as they build colonies.

And, while most ants are considered nuisance pests, they are generally very invasive. This makes them extremely difficult to prevent and control. A couple of ant species in the area can pose more specific threats such as damaging property or posing health risks.

Here are some of the main species around West Palm Beach and what they look like:

  • Big-headed ants: As their name suggests, this species has rather large heads in proportion to their bodies. They range in color from yellow to dark brown, and while usually found outdoors, they will come inside to look for food.
  • Fire ants: This species is known for its ability to sting and bite. They can occasionally lead to severe allergic reactions. They are reddish-orange in color.
  • Carpenter ants: This dark brown to black ant species is known for its ability to tunnel through wooden structures. They can cause a good deal of property damage over time.
  • Crazy ants: These ants are a yellow-orange color, and they get their name because they tend to move in erratic, “crazy” movements.

Can You Remove Ants Using DIY Methods?

Many homeowners try to handle ant infestations on their own because they are so common. This means it’s easy to think that DIY methods will be cheap and just as effective, but this is hardly ever the case.

There are a few main reasons why ants are so difficult to keep out and also to remove. These include:

  • Ant colonies can contain thousands of individuals.
  • The locations of the nests can be difficult to access. They might be underground or even spread throughout walls.
  • Most products like baits and ant traps only eradicate some of the ants. They are also potentially dangerous, especially to kids and pets, as they can be mistaken for food items.

Why Professional Ant Control Is The Best Option

Luckily, there is one consistent way to remove ant infestations. The residential pest professionals at Gulfstream Termite & Environmental Services provide ongoing ant control you can count on.

We provide eco-friendly treatment plans where we work with you to address the pest control needs of your home. We then inspect the property to identify current ants as well as problem areas both in and around the house. Next, we apply treatment, and lastly, we provide follow-up services to ensure the ants don’t come back.

To learn more about our ant control options, contact us to request a free inspection.

Effective Ant Control Tips

The best way to prevent ants from coming around is to work with the pros, but you can also help us out by implementing a few prevention measures on your own. Some of the best ways to deter ants are:

  • Placing lids on all trash cans and removing garbage from the yard.
  • When spills and crumbs happen, clean them up quickly
  • Doing daily cleaning tasks such as sweeping floors and washing dirty dishes
  • Using caulk and foam products to seal up any cracks in the walls and foundation

For more advice or assistance with ant control, don't hesitate to call the professionals at Gulfstream Termite & Environmental Services.