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The Secret To Effectively Deterring Bed Bugs In West Palm Beach

January 15, 2022 - Bed Bugs

Would you rather sleep in a bed that you knew had bugs in it, or sleep in a bed with bugs and not know that they were there? Most people would prefer to not sleep in a bed with bugs at all! If this is how you feel, you need to know about bed bugs. To help you deter these pests from invading your West Palm Beach home we will be providing some information for you today including showing you how to check for bed bugs around your home, answering the question: do bed bugs fly? and providing you with some helpful tips on how to get rid of bed bugs if they invade.

How To Check For Bed Bugs

One question we are regularly asked is, where do bed bugs hide inside of homes? One might assume, based on this pest's name, that bed bugs hide around beds. Although this is sometimes true, it is not always the case. Beds rarely provide bed bugs with the security they are looking for. This drives these pests to seek shelter behind outlets, inside wall voids, in cracks and crevices, and inside other hard-to-reach areas. When inspecting your home for bed bugs, you have to look for signs these pests leave behind. What are the signs of bed bugs? Here are a few to look out for.

  • Bloodstains
  • Fecal droppings
  • Eggs
  • Shed skins
  • A musty odor in the air
  • Bites on your skin that run in a straight line or zig-zag pattern

Do Bed Bugs Fly?

Bed bugs are not the most mobile insects. They do not fly or jump and they are slow on their feet. These setbacks, however, do not stop these pests from getting around. Bed bugs travel by hitching rides on items people carry, things such as backpacks, used clothing, furniture, electronics, etc. You might pick up bed bugs in a public space or have these pests brought into your home by a family member or friend. 

Are Bed Bug Bites Dangerous?

Something you should know about bed bugs is, although they are extremely annoying, they are not traditionally dangerous. This is to say, they do not spread diseases here in West Palm Beach. They can, however, cause anemia and insomnia. As infestations become severe, you may start to notice these problems.

Bed Bug Control Techniques To Avoid Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are difficult pests to spot. For this reason, you have to be extra vigilant while working to keep these pests out of your living areas. To help you with this, here are five helpful exclusion tips our team of experts has put together for you.

  1. While traveling, check rooms you plan on staying in for bed bugs and the signs they leave behind.
  2. While traveling, store used clothing inside an airtight bag. When you get home, wash this clothing on high heat.
  3. Do not set an item down in public for more than 20 minutes.
  4. Check used furniture, clothing, and other items for bed bugs before buying them.
  5. Teach your family and friends about bed bugs so they can avoid bringing these pests into your home.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

If you are looking for how to remove bed bugs from your West Palm Beach home, your best option is to involve the experts at Gulfstream Termite & Environmental Services. We have access to advanced bed bug control techniques and are happy to put our experience to work for you.

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive home pest control and schedule your West Palm Beach home for a bed bug inspection.