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Commercial Pest Control In West Palm Beach, FL

Professional Pest Management For Your West Palm Beach Business

Pest control problems quickly turn into public health problems when pests invade your business. From rodents that can transmit diseases to cockroaches that can trigger asthma and allergy issues in clients, customers, and employees, preventing pest problems before they become serious is an absolute must for your West Palm Beach business. Gulfstream Termite & Environmental Services can help you balance your commitment to the environment with our Integrated Pest Management Program to deal with pest problems in West Palm Beach without increasing your company’s Eco-footprint in the process.

Commercial Pest Control From Gulfstream Termite & Environmental Services

At Gulfstream Termite & Environmental Services, we use a methodology called Integrated Pest Management. This unique long-term strategy can help keep any pest population under control.

Every good plan starts with a thorough inspection. While many companies might simply look for the telltale signs of an infestation, Gulfstream Termite & Environmental Services takes things one step further. We’ll not only examine your facility to identify any type of pest problem and the size of the problem, but we’ll also look carefully to understand if the company’s culture may be contributing to it. From there, we’ll meet with a contact person on your staff to help create a customized plan that addresses all of your concerns and problems.

We understand that every company is different, so we’ll take every aspect of our inspection and your concerns into consideration as we build your pest control plan. Your contact person will become an essential facet of our ongoing pest control procedures. We make your company our biggest concern as we build your pest control plan, from better scheduling of inspections to developing a solid knowledge of your threshold.

Building a customized pest control plan will involve both control methods and exclusion strategies. We’ll talk with you about our low-impact materials before we ever begin using them, and we’ll also show you a variety of methods you can use to keep other infestations to a minimum.

Facilities We Service


Your school should be a place where learning can take place free of fear. Pests not only introduce fear but also stress, disease, and damage. Keep them out with Gulfstream Termite & Environmental Services.


Protecting the children in your care is your highest priority, but you may have never given pest threats much thought. Keeping pests out with Gulfstream Termite & Environmental Services protects kids from the illnesses pests spread.


Whether you own one unit or an entire building, pests are known to easily move from one area to another once they get inside a building. Stop them with help from Gulfstream Termite & Environmental Services.

Medical Facilities

Keeping your medical facility as clean as possible is vital to the health of your patients. If pests get in, they will spread dangerous pathogens everywhere. Keep them out with Gulfstream Termite & Environmental Services.

Dental Facilities

You’re already in the habit of following strict sanitizing protocols, but a pest infestation can derail all of your work. Keep pests out and your dental facility sanitary with Gulfstream Termite & Environmental Services.


Keeping pests from infiltrating your retail store does more than stop bad reviews from pouring in; it also protects your inventory, your building, and your employees and customers. Gulfstream Termite & Environmental Services can keep pests out.

Reasons To Choose Gulfstream Termite & Environmental Services

Gulfstream Termite & Environmental Services is the smart choice for all of your commercial pest control needs. We:

  • Have over 40 years of experience in the pest control industry.
  • Continually train and educate our service techs so that you get the best service possible.
  • Have a certified entomologist on staff to provide professional diagnostics and recommendations.
  • Are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.
  • Use environmentally-friendly methods and materials.
  • Use Integrated Pest Management for long-term results.
  • Customize a treatment plan to meet your business’s needs.
  • Provide emergency and same-day services whenever possible.
  • Offer free quotes and inspections.
  • Guarantee our services.
  • Are active members of the Florida Pest Management Association.
  • Have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Experience You Can Trust

When it comes to the safety, health, and success of your business, you don’t leave anything to chance. For all of your business’s pest protection needs, you can count on Gulfstream Termite & Environmental Services to do the job with excellence. We provide the professional, effective services you need, delivered by knowledgeable and experienced service techs you can trust. Contact us today to request a quote.

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