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Palm Beach Gardens, FL Pest Control

The Best Professional Pest Control In Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Established in 1959, the city of Palm Beach Gardens, FL, is a great place to visit, live, and raise a family. Our community is filled with beautiful resorts, white sand beaches, and the year-round sunshine for which South Florida is known. However, local pest populations also love it here in Palm Beach Gardens, which means local homes and businesses are in danger of experiencing pest infestation. If you want to secure reliable pest protection for your Palm Beach Gardens property, look no further than Gulfstream Environmental Services.

We are a family-owned and operated, full-service pest control company based in West Palm Beach. Since 1979, we’ve provided residential, commercial, and industrial pest management and elimination services to properties throughout Palm Beach County and the surrounding areas. We work hard to exceed your expectations, and our 100% service guarantee means lasting results no matter what. Get in touch with us today to discuss your pest control needs; we look forward to helping you.

Residential Pest Control In Palm Beach Gardens, FL

As a homeowner here in Palm Beach Gardens, it’s in your best interest to seriously consider your pest control needs. These intruders pose many health and safety threats to your property and your loved ones, which is why it’s crucial to secure the proper protection. The team at Gulfstream Environmental Services is ready to help you. 

 Our Home Defense Program includes:

  • Inspection and identification of pest problems.
  • Thorough interior treatments to eliminate entry points.
  • Tackling active areas and conducive conditions. 
  • Elimination of issues in attic and wall voids.
  • Exterior perimeter treatments.

All of our service technicians are bonded, licensed, and insured, and they undergo continuous training to bring you the latest pest solutions and the most updated technologies. We also have an expert entomologist on staff to help us develop a suitable treatment plan for your home. No matter your home pest control problems, we’re here to help, so call today for a detailed service quote.

Commercial Pest Control In Palm Beach Gardens, FL

If you want to effectively guard your Palm Beach Garden business against the nightmare of pest infestation, it’s best to reach out to the pros. Here at Gulfstream Environmental Services, we offer trusted commercial pest solutions to all kinds of facilities. From small businesses to large companies, we do it all. After developing a customized treatment strategy, we tackle your pest problems from the inside out. 

As members of PESP (Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program), we are proud to hold the EPA’s highest recognition for our commitment to reducing the impact of pesticides on the environment. With the EPA seal of Environmental Stewardship, we bring you safe pest solutions you can trust. Get in touch with us to discuss your commercial pest control needs today.

All The Ways Ants Get Into Palm Beach Gardens Homes

Your Palm Beach Gardens home is susceptible to ant infestation, and with over 700 ant species in the U.S., it’s important to address your ant control needs. An ant infestation can lead to widespread contamination and substantial property damage. If you’re wondering how they get into our homes in the first place, there are remote access points ants use to get inside. Here are some of the most common:

  • Cracks in walls and floors.
  • Doors and door sweeps.
  • Near baseboards along the floors.
  • Openings near utility and plumbing lines.
  • Unsealed foundation gaps and holes.
  • Windows and window frames. 

If you think there may be ant activity in your Palm Beach Gardens home, it’s time to call in the pest professionals. Here at Gulfstream Environmental Services, we’re here to accurately detect, exterminate, and prevent ant activity around your home, giving you and your loved ones year-round coverage that you can depend on. Reach out today to discuss your ant control and prevention needs today. We’re eager to help. 

Why Rodents Are A Serious Concern In Palm Beach Gardens

If you own property here in Palm Beach Gardens, rodent activity is a real cause for concern. Rodents are highly destructive pests that are not only upsetting to see but are also very harmful. They gnaw on everything they can sink their teeth into. Most notably, they can chew on electrical wiring, which can cause a fire to break out. 

Not only do rodents bite, but they also spread germs and bacteria, contaminating every inch of your property, and putting you at risk of contracting serious health conditions like hantavirus, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, rat-bite fever, LCM (Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis), and tularemia. 

The most effective form of rodent protection is regularly scheduled services from the pest professionals. Get in touch with Gulfstream Environmental Services to address your rodent control and prevention needs. One of our pest experts will walk you through our year-round rodent solutions and get your inspection scheduled as soon as possible.